Conditions Treated

Alzheimer’s and Dementia

We understand that caring for a loved one with alzheimer’s or dementia is a very difficult thing to do. It can be very frustrating and both physically and mentally demanding. We can provide you with experienced caregivers that can lift that burden of care from the family.

This allows the family time to enjoy the moment of clarity as a family opposed to as a caregiver. Our aides are qualified to assist with the entire process of alzheimer’s and dementia. We can assist from the beginning stages through the end stages, by providing comprehensive dignified care.

Disabled Adults

Having limitations should not limit your life. Allow us to assist in making the things you love and enjoy become a reality again. There is a wide range of disabilities such as stroke paralysis, cerebral palsy, MS, ALS, work/sports injuries, brain injuries, and amputees just to name a few. We are prepared to help facilitate the life you deserve.


We understand that this diagnosis can take a toll not only on the patient, but the family as well. Don’t waste another minute worrying about transportation back and fourth to appointments, scans, chemotherapy, radiation or anything else involved with the treatment process. Caregivers of the Lehigh Valley will handle all of your needs. We are very compassionate and want our clients to feel as comfortable as possible throughout the treatment process. We will be your cheerleader and your friend. We will be there with you every step of the way.

Fall Risks

Care planning for fall risks is our specialty.

We all know that preventive care is the best care and we are here to assist you or your loved one in being as safe as possible.

As a part of our home evaluation, we will put together an individualized care plan for our fall risk clients. Unfortunately, falls can seem minor, but in fact are one of the most common things to start a rapid decline in many people.

A few of the most common fall risk factors:

  • Age
  • Medications
  • Balance and Gait
  • Mild-significant change in mental status
  • Vision
  • Cluttered areas
  • Pets
  • Fear

Our mission is to keep our clients home and safe.

Having a home health aide nearby at all times greatly reduces the risk for falls. We can care for any of our clients in hospitals, facilities, or rehab centers, but assuming our clients are at home, our goal is to keep them there. Caregivers of the Lehigh Valley’s aides are qualified to provide the loving comprehensive care you deserve.

We will make sure there is adequate lighting, assistive devices are used, items are within reach for you, and will stay by your side if need be while walking. We want our clients to be as independent as possible, but if you get dizzy while walking or just plain tired the fact that someone is right there to assist greatly reduces the fear factor along with preventing any injuries due to a fall. Our aides will follow Caregivers of the Lehigh Valley’s Fall Risk Care Plan to ensure the safety of you or your loved one.